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Job Information

Grifols Shared Services North America, Inc Medical Supervisor RN - LPN - LVN - EMT Advanced - Paramedic in roy, Utah

For more than 75 years, Grifols has worked to improve the health and well-being of people around the world. We are a global healthcare company that produces essential plasma-derived medicines for patients and provides hospitals and healthcare professionals with the tools, information and services they need to deliver expert medical care.

Headquartered in Barcelona, Spain, Grifols has over 20.000 employees in 30 countries. Grifols’ three main divisions - Bioscience, Diagnostic and Hospital - develop, manufacture and market innovative products and services available in more than 100 countries. With the world's largest network of plasma donation centers, Grifols, through its Bioscience Division, is a leading producer of essential plasma-derived medicines for the treatment of rare, chronic, and sometimes life-threatening conditions. To help ensure a reliable and consistent source of plasmaderived medicines worldwide, we have an integrated production process that begins with plasma collection and continues through fractionation and purification at our three facilities located in Spain (Barcelona) and the United States (Clayton, North Carolina, and Los Angeles, California). Key products include immunoglobulins, alpha-1 antitrypsin, albumin, clotting factors and specialty products.

Title: Medical Operations Supervisor

Primary responsibilities for role:

  • Coordinates the medical staff schedules and processes. Monitors turnaround times and sets the standard for medical operations.

  • Monitors the donor floor for early adverse events.

  • Provides training to the Center Medical Specialists to deliver bad news/counseling.

  • Handles the deferrals. Provides counseling to Donors regarding unacceptable test results.

  • Participates in the management meetings as the voice of the medical staff.

  • Main point of contact for medical communications to the center in addition to the Center Medical Director.

  • Responsible for research coordination.

  • Promote customer satisfaction through appropriate interaction and responsiveness to customer needs.

  • Builds rapport with donors to ensure overall customer satisfaction with the center to support long term donation.

  • Selection of suitable plasmapheresis donors by performing physical examinations and taking medical histories on all donors through the use of FDA approved Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) Manual, current State and Federal guidelines, OSHA, CLIA, CGMP, all internal company procedures and personal education and experience.

  • Responsible for donor awareness to potential hazards .

  • Administration of donor consent form.

  • Provides Donor education on trends identified regarding general health assessment completed at the Center.

  • Evaluates and manages donor injuries and adverse events.

  • Performs evaluations of any history of illness or medications to ensure continued donor suitability.

  • Ensures Donor medical information is complete and accurate prior to donation.

  • Review of donor screening test to ensure eligibility of continued donation.

  • Assists in employee training and coaching regarding medical SOPs as necessary.

  • Assists with the administration of employee Hepatitis Vaccine program.

  • Maintain supplies necessary to perform job duties.

  • Maintains and ensures proper sanitation and cleaning of equipment and work areas between donors.

  • Ensures Donor and Staff confidentiality.

  • Reports all unsafe situations or conditions to Center Management.

  • Perform other duties as required.

Primary Requirments

  • Educated and currently certified/licensed in the state of employment and according to state requirements as an Advanced Emergency Medical Technician , Licensed Practical Nurse, Licensed Vocation Nurse, Paramedic or Registered Nurse, Nurse Practitioners or Physician Assistant. Current CPR certification required.

  • Requires 1 year of related experience providing medical care and assessing patients. Plasma or whole blood experience preferred.



1951 West 5400 South Roy, UT, 84067

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Req ID: 193808

Type: Regular Full-Time

Job Category: Nursing/Healthcare